Applications using Dynamic Input

In AutoCAD 2012 is equipped with Dynamic Input. what is it Dynamic Input? Let's see an example operation below:
When Dynamic Input ON (Active), formed on the screen area box command (command box).
Type L> Press Enter
Click the left mouse button places the screen drawing, the initial free point.
Left click on mouse
In the Monitor screen will pop up box contents> Type 33.5 <0 Press enter Type 135 <90, Press enter Type 33.5 <180, Press enter Type 42.7 <210, Press enter Type 42 <21, Press enter Type C, Press enter

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    1. intercad says:

      At work we have AutoCAD. On my personal computer I want load one of the free, open software programs so that I could occasionally draw a sketch, or do a simple layout. Which software would you recommend?.

      Solid works

      steph says:

      Awesome ! i really found very informative article here and bookmarked this blog. Thank you.

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